Sturgeon Commercial Demonstration Program

Jim Michaels with siberian sturgeon.

Mote has been growing several species of sturgeon since 1997.  Our original intent was to culture Florida’s native sturgeon for stock enhancement and food production. However, federal authorities do not presently allow the culture of two key native sturgeon species (Shortnose and Gulf) in Florida. All 25 sturgeon species found in the Northern Hemisphere are listed as threatened or endangered. 

Beginning in 1998, Mote imported various species of sturgeon endemic to Europe and investigated their suitability for culture in Florida.  Results led Mote to focus on Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri). Species now being grown at Mote Aquaculture Research Park include Siberian sturgeon, Bester sturgeon (beluga/sterlet hybrid) and Russian sturgeon (A. gueldenstaedtii).

Mote began producing sturgeon meat in 2004. In 2006, Mote became the first organization in Florida to produce caviar. Watch a video on caviar harvesting at Mote or click here to learn more about these products. 


  • Develop, test and demonstrate that the innovative recirculating aquaculture technologies being tested by Mote can be used in commercial food production and to protect wild fishery resources
  • Develop innovative husbandry and sturgeon caviar processing techniques that will help Florida become one of the world centers of sturgeon and caviar production
  • Help promote development of a commercial aquaculture industry in the state of Florida
  • Produce and market sturgeon products that will demonstrate the economic feasibility of production technologies, support research and demonstration project costs and support Mote's aquaculture research
  • Disseminate new technologies through the demonstration of pilot- and commercial-scale projects

Sturgeon Commercial Demonstration Program research

Saving the oceans will take major sturgery

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