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IF WE COULD USE SAND DOLLARS TO FUND OUR RESEARCH, we'd be out scouring the beaches of the world from dawn to dusk. But since we can't, we look to you. As sure as the moon controls the tides, your contribution today to Sea Of Green, our on-going fund raising campaign, will help ensure the health of the world's waters tomorrow.

Donations made to Mote Marine Laboratory and Mote Aquarium provide support for vital scientific research projects and public educational programs and help us communicate our findings with the public.



"Mote Marine Laboratory needs your help now. Because of state and federal cutbacks, major increases in fuel and utility costs as well as difficult economic times, Mote's financial challenges have reached a serious level. I ask you to join me in supporting one of the few independent marine science centers in the country with your donations. The scientific benefits to Florida - and the world - will be immeasurable."
-Judy Graham, Trustee, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

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Mote Marine Laboratory has been a leader in marine research since it was founded in 1955. Today, we incorporate public outreach as a key part of our mission. Mote is an independent nonprofit organization and has seven centers for marine research, the public Mote Aquarium and an Education Division specializing in public programs for all ages.

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