Our Educators are trained in Sunshine State Standards and they're experts at getting kids excited about science. Register for one of our special outreach programs and bring science from the real world into your classroom. Teachers can also "check out" a special, free science kit from Mote that will give you tools you need to help boost your own curriculum (reservations required; see below).

We are currently updating our School Outreach options for the 2018-19 school year. Please contact Brad Tanner (btanner@mote.org, 941-388-4441 ext. 351) for information on outreach options for your classroom. Our new request form should be available in October. Thank you!

Outreach Programs

Program Length: 50 minutes
Cost: $175 per program plus mileage (add $40 for each additional same-day program)
Class Size: 15-30 students; at least one chaperone required


Turtle Tots: Learn about the adventurous life of sea turtle hatchlings through songs, stories and role-playing.

Snazzy Shark Teeth: Look into a shark's mouth and learn about their teeth and feeding habits through games, stories and a hunt for shark's teeth.

Grades K-2

Our Dolphin Neighbors: Meet the dolphins that live in Sarasota Bay and learn about the world's longest-running study of a wild dolphin population, which is based at Mote, through stories and role playing. Students will be learning how scientists think, set up, and conduct experiments. Scientists have been studying the resident bottlenose dolphin population for more than 40 years. Through hands-on activities, students will discover what scientists are learning about the communication, feeding behavior, and human interactions with our dolphin neighbors.

Grades 3-5

Angelfish to Zebra Sharks:  All About Fish During this interactive clue based program, students will explore what makes a fish a fish... and what makes some fish unique.  Students will use the scientific process to learn more about adaptations.  They can use their newfound skills while exploring the aquarium.

Mighty Manatees: Learn about Florida manatees and how they make their home in Sarasota Bay through games, role playing and the examination of bio-facts.

Making Sense of Sharks: Students will learn how a shark’s adaptations make it a top predator, and why its role as a predator is important for maintaining a healthy balance in our ecosystem.

Dolphin Discovery: Students will get hands-on experience in classifying and articulating dolphin bones as they work together in small groups. Students will see what life is really like for a Sarasota Bay dolphin.

Grades 6-8

Shark Secrets: Through the scientific process students will lose their fear of sharks and begin to care for them. Students will become aware of how human activities threaten the shark population and be inspired to share their knowledge with others. 

Manatees Make Sense: Students will use hands-on activities to learn about Mote’s manatee research to better understand manatee adaptations.

Spineless Sea: This is a hands-on program that allows your students to dissect a squid and learn about taxonomic classifications in this lab program on marine invertebrate.

True Life Dolphin Mysteries: Students will get hands-on experience in classifying and articulating dolphin bones as they work together in small groups. Students will see what life is really like for a Sarasota Bay dolphin.

Grades 9-12

Technology in Shark Research: Become acquainted with the technological tools necessary to conduct oceanic research in this interactive class.  Discover what skills are required to develop these tools and the technology that has been created uniquely at Mote!

Turtle Technology: Learn how Mote's Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program uses the newest technologies to track sea turtles in the wild and what that teaches us about their private lives. Students will make observations and inferences.

Marine Biology CSI: Students will work together in small groups with a mystery skeleton to use their observation and experimentation skills to determine the identity of an animal — discovering animal adaptations, biology and osteology along the way.


Classroom Kits

Teachers can reserve and check out dolphin skeletons and corresponding curriculum created by our educators for a do-it-yourself classroom option. Students gain hands-on experience with real dolphin bones and the process of science. Middle and high school versions are available.

Teachers are required to complete a "Program Checklist" of materials at the time of check out. Before check in, you must complete the checklist again with a Mote staff member to ensure that all materials are accounted for. Please note: Skeletons are part of the Ruth DeLynn Cetacean Osteological Collection, an accredited scientific collection housed at Mote that is used for study by researchers, so we ask that special precautions are taken to ensure that all bones are returned to Mote.

Reservations: Required at least one week in advance. Contact Brad Tanner at 941-388-4441, ext. 351
Cost: Free
Rental period: One to two weeks

Grades 6-8

True Life Dolphin Mysteries: Students discover the classification, marine policy and skeletal anatomy of a bottlenose dolphin. Students will use the scientific process and team work to uncover the real lives of our dolphin neighbors.

Grades 9-12

Marine Biology CSI: Students will begin with a mystery skeleton and use their observation and deductive reasoning skills to learn about the anatomy of bottlenose dolphins and how this species' bone structure is adapted to an ocean life. They'll also learn about the health problems — many of them similar to humans — that dolphins face.