Discovery Reef: a smaller hands-on exhibit

Discover amazing life forms and relationships that play out on our coral reefs. Coral Reefs form habitats where an astonishing array of animals thrive — they're home to thousands of species found nowhere else on Earth. Many of these animals have complex adaptations that allow them to live in close proximity to a variety of neighbors. Your visitors will discover the amazing animals, survival strategies and relationships on the coral reef and the reef's crucial role in the ocean food web. Footprint is approximately 13 ft. long and 3 ft. wide. The decorative fish on top of Discovery Reef makes the exhibit a total of 8 ft. tall.

Sanctuary Reef: a theater-style exhibit

Become the size of a shrimp as you step inside a coral reef cove! This semi-enclosed area features larger-than-life replicas of reef creatures (10 times their natural size!) found in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The cove forms a small theater for the videoconference programs, and the exterior includes displays on coral anatomy, reef biodiversity, watersheds, neighboring habitats, human impacts and conservation. The exhibit includes information on our nation's National Marine Sanctuaries and current scientific research on corals. Footprint is 16 ft. x 18 ft. (approximately 300 sq. ft.). The canopy is 10 ft. tall.