#AtHomeWithMote – Virtual Homeschool Day

May 27, 2020

At Home With Sharks

Do you love sharks? Do you know someone scared of sharks? These top predators are perfectly adapted for the ocean and are essential in maintaining the health of the marine ecosystem yet are often misunderstood.  Join us this week as we explore the incredible sixth senses of sharks,  bust common myths about them and learn how Mote is a leader in shark research and conservation.   Be sure to check out the Pre-Lesson Activity Guide for background information and to gather materials to simulate some of their amazing senses with us in real time.   

Be sure to check out the Pre-Lesson Activity Guide (see registration confirmation for link) so you can follow along with this week’s activity if you are able. Hope to SEA you there! 

About #AtHomeWithMote

Join us for a weekly livestream as we explore the wonders of the ocean from our kitchen table! Learn #athome about a variety of magnificent marine life, ocean conservation issues, and marine science research. #AtHomeWithMote is intended for ages 6 through 14 and their families.

Your child's safety is our priority. These programs are run via a private, secure Zoom webinar, and will not include video or sound of any participants. Participants can interact with our educators via the moderated chatroom, and messages will only be seen by Mote staff. Please email us at educate@mote.org should you have any questions. 

This is a free event however pre-registration is required. See link on each date's calendar event to register.