Endless Oceans - Lifelong Learning at Mote

September 9, 2019

Curious about our oceans? Interested in expanding your knowledge while also expanding your network? We welcome you to explore the world of marine science through this engaging series of lessons and hands-on experiences hosted by Mote education professionals. Classes will also feature Mote experts discussing their research related to that day’s topic and active learning excursions around Mote. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, continue your journey with Mote Marine Laboratory.

Join us for a full semester of Marine Science 101. Your ten weeks of classes will begin on September 9 and ends November 11, 2019. Single class registration will be available for some classes.

For adult learners age 18 and up only. See link for more information about class topics, curriculum, single class registration, and more.

Members $225.00
Non-Members $275.00