Future Ocean Researchers Club

May 9, 2020

FOR the Planet: See Ya Later, Alligator!

The teeth beneath the surface of our inland waterways may seem to be unrelated to our oceans’ inhabitants, but these animals are connected by the watersheds they share.  Understand how the abundant American alligator serves as an important indicator of ecosystem health as well as a reminder of our environmental impact near and far. You’ll also leave this month’s meeting with some ideas on how to appreciate and enjoy your own “backyard” over the summer!

Location: New Pass Room, Mote Keating Marine Education Center  

Please note: Pre-registration is required. Link for registration will be available here one month prior to meeting

About Future Ocean Researchers Club

Mote's new club is geared towards children ages 7 - 12 and is all about bringing real-life hands-on science to the youth in our community! Each meeting will feature the work of an ocean scientist and provide participants with an opportunity to dive in deeper and explore their research through fun and interactive learning stations. Through each engaging event we hope to inspire and empower the Future Ocean Researchers of our planet.

Participation in the FOR the Planet events is free but does not cover visiting Mote Aquarium. Registration is required for all meetings and children must be accompanied by an adult. Space is limited and registration is taken on a first come, first served basis and will close the Friday before the event (or sooner if we reach maximum capacity).

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