Microsoft Global Learning Connection

November 5, 2019

Join us online this year for #MSFTGlobalConnect—on November 5—and meet our STEM experts and learn all about the marine life at Mote Aquarium. Get an up-close look at our animals. Learn about the research at our laboratory.

We will offer a FREE Skype Video Group Chat on Tuesday, 11/5/2019, from 9:00 am–9:30 am ET (A/V check-in from 8:45am-9:00 am).

Format: Skype Group Video Chat (up to 40 interactive sites)
Age (Grade): 08-09 (3rd), 09-10 (4th), 10-11 (5th), 11-12 (6th), 12-13 (7th), 13-14 (8th), 14-15 (9th), 15-16 (10th), 16-17 (11th), 17-18 (12th), Adult (College), Adult (Public; Library; Senior Center; etc)
Duration: 30 mins


  • Get a sneak peek at our Aquarium before the doors open to the public
  • Look inside our 135,000 gallon ocean habitat and observe the sharks and fish living there.
  • Chat with a guest expert and discuss different research areas of our lab.
  • Get an up-close view of some of marine animals, like crabs, sea urchins, turtles, and stingrays.
  • Discuss ocean conservation and the sustainable use of our seas.
  • Wrap up with an open Question and Answer segment–Ask Us Anything About The Ocean.


The participant will:

  1. compare the adaptations of related marine species (e.g., sharks vs bony fish; sea cucumber vs sea star).
  2. develop an appreciation for marine life and the role of zoos and aquariums in conservation.
  3. engage in a discussion with our ocean experts about careers in marine science.
  4. discuss the issues of ocean conservation and the sustainable use of our seas.

Note: Portions of the program may be recorded. You have the option of turning off your video but audio responses from your site may be included. By registering and participating, you consent to the recording.

This program is partially supported through funding from The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation.

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Microsoft Global Learning Connection



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