Mote Science Café: Marine Debris- More Than What Our Eyes Can See

April 16, 2018

Join Mote Marine Laboratory for an evening at Calusa Brewing for the latest and greatest Mote Science Café! "Marine Debris - More Than What Our Eyes Can See" will feature Mote scientist Kim Bassos-Hull, Keep Sarasota County Beautiful's Wendi Crisp, and USF IFAS Extension's Abbey Tyrna.

Have you ever spotted trash on the beach or wondered where all our waste goes? Every day we rely on plastics, wear plastics, wash with plastics, play with plastics, and more! Some of it we can see, some of it we don’t, but every piece lives forever on our blue planet. Join us for a conversation about marine debris and how we are making an ever-lasting impact on our world. Learn from our experts about the research they’ve collected and solutions we can encourage locally to make a difference globally! 

Science cafes are casual conversations bringing science topics into our communities. The audience is encouraged to ask questions and interact throughout the evening. This is not a lecture, but an interactive conversation.

Suggested Audience: Adults, 21 and older.

Harkening back to the days of salons that explored the topics of the day during the 1920s, Mote Science Cafés are informal discussions that give everyone the chance to participate. Topics are designed to help you discover relationships between everyday things and our marine world. Science Cafés are typically held in a local restaurant and are free to attend. Attendees are charged by the venue for food and drink.

Mote Science Café: Marine Debris- More Than What Our Eyes Can See


Calusa Brewing

5701 Derek Avenue
Sarasota, FL