Online STEMventures with Mote (OSM): Ancient Oceans

June 15, 2020

Travel back in time as Mote Educators introduce you to geological history and fossil formation, focusing on the ancient ocean creatures that once lived during the age of the dinosaurs! Hands-on activities will help participants understand what it takes to be a paleontologist or a marine geologist. They will also learn about the prehistoric adaptations that have persisted through time and mass extinction to help their modern-day descendants survive in today’s conditions. 

This program is for ages 8 to 10 and meets for one week, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, with 1-2 breaks for hands-on activities (with your Mote Educators on stand-by to chat and help with any questions).

About OSM

OSM is a virtual program coming to you this summer. Participants connect with Mote Educators to learn about various topics, try hands-on activities, and interact with like-minded peers. These opportunities allow kids to learn about the ocean from the comfort of their own homes. Siblings receive 50% off registration! Please email with any questions.

It’s going to be an “OSM” summer! 

Members $63.00
Non-Members $70.00