Teen Science Café: Dr. Phil Gravinese, Postdoctoral Fellow

December 13, 2017

Mote Marine Lab’s high school interns present a Florida Teen Science Café. Florida Teen Science Cafés are free, informal events for teens focusing on marine science. Each meeting welcomes a local scientist to share their work with students. Subject matter is geared for 9th–12th grade students.

  • Speaker: Dr. Phil Gravinese
  • Title: Title of talk: How do crabs find their way home?
  • Description: Many types of invertebrate larvae are dispersed into the water column during hatching and are often unable to swim against strong currents. Despite their inability to swim against strong currents, we still find many larvae in very specific locations suggesting that they must have some ability to navigate and orient to environmental cues. During this talk, Dr. Gravinese will explain the variety of cues crustacean larvae use to find their way home.
Teen Science Café: Dr. Phil Gravinese, Postdoctoral Fellow



Selby Public Library

1331 1st St
Sarasota, FL