Virtual Oceanography Scout Merit Badge

July 17, 2021

Our Oceanography Scout Merit Badge has gone virtual! Join us as we review the badge workbook and explore the concepts with some demonstrations. Your registration confirmation email will contain your Oceanography workbook and a guide containing a list of household materials to gather to be used in a few hands-on activities. We will also send you additional resources to extend your learning after our connection. All merit badge requirements will be completed during this workshop.

Your child's safety is our priority. These programs are run via a secure Zoom webinar, and your child's personal identifiers will be kept private. Video and audio will be turned off for all participants. Participants will be able to interact with Mote Educators via the moderated chatroom and messages will only be seen by Mote staff. This is an interactive program. Your child will be able to participate in Polls, ask questions in the Q&A space that are answered live by our Educators, and follow along from home with the activities and demonstrations during this virtual program.

all $10.00