Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 7, 2018
Location of Stranding Sebastian Inlet State Park, Indian River County
Date of Arrival February 12, 2018
Number of Days of Care 6 days

02/07/2018  Turtle was accidentally caught by a fisherman at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Indian River County on the east coast of Florida.  Turtle had swallowed fishing line and had line entangled around its head.  Aniaml's carapace was covered in algae and the plastron had leeches and leech eggs present.  There are also a number of fibropapilloma tumors present.  Animal was transported to Brevard Zoo Sea Turtle Healing Center for triage.  Radiographs revealed no ingested fishing hook.  Animal was given subcutaneous fluids, antibiotic injections, and vitamin B injection.  

02/12/2018  "Mogul" was transferred by FWC to Mote for continued rehabilitation and to make space at Brevard Zoo's Sea Turtle Healing Center for new patients. 

02/13/2018  Mogul foraged for all food types offered.

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