Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 27, 2020
Location of Stranding Sanibel, Florida
Date of Arrival February 28, 2020
Number of Days of Care 115 days

Final Disposition

06/22/2020  Anna was humanely euthanized due to heavy tumor growth and new tumors in mouth.


02/27/2020  Anna was rescued and brought to Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). Anna presented with large fibropapilloma tumors and is emaciated.

02/28/2020  Anna was transferred to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital for continued care. Here Anna was measured, weighed, given fluids, and photographed before being placed in a shallow rehabilitation pool.

02/29/2020  Anna had blood drawn, given fluids, and started on an injectible antibiotic. We will be offering seafood, seagrass, and lettuce every 2 hours until Anna is eating consistently.

03/21/2020  Anna has begun foraging seafood and seagrass on her own within the last few days! Anna will need to continue to eat to become stronger before her fibropapilloma removal surgery.

04/24/2020  Anna has been doing very well. Eating great, water has been raised to full as Anna is not dealing with bouyancy issues anymore. Anna's bloodwork keeps improving which means surgery for fibropapilloma removal is in the near furture.

05/09/2020  Anna had fibropapilloma tumor removal surgery today. Anna is not tumor free yet as the tumor load is so large, there will be one more surgery. One of the tumors removed weighed 2 lbs by itself! Anna was put back in water and is doing good.

05/22/2020  Anna continues to do well. Anna will need to build up body condition for the next few weeks before being able to finish the fibropapilloma tumor removal.

06/22/2020  Due to extreme tumor regrowth and new tumors in the mouth, veterinary staff made the decision for Anna to be humanely euthanized.

06/23/2020 Upon necropsy, Anna had many internal fibropapilloma tumors.

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