Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded June 10, 2016
Location of Stranding Banana River, Brevard County
Date of Arrival June 11, 2016
Number of Days of Care 368 days

Final Disposition



06/10/2016  Animal found floating in the Banana River and taken to the Brevard Zoo

06/11/2016  Animal was transported to Mote Marine Lab.  Animal is in good body condition (weight: 30.2 kg), but has a partially healed propeller wound to carapace and a few small fibropapilloma tumors.  Started on antibiotics and fluid therapy. 

06/16/2016   Avalon continues to float so is being kept in shallow water.  Will eat small amounts of fish hidden in sea grass.  Keeping diet offered low due to a lot of gas evident in GI tract on radiographic examination. 

06/23/2016  Avalon is still floating, but is eating much better and will eat shrimp, capelin, and squid in addition to sea grass and romaine lettuce.

06/27/2016  Avalon was seen swimming along the bottom of the tank!

07/08/2016  Water was raised to full depth.  Avalon is now foraging all food types.

09/02/2016  Animal continues to improve.  Boat strike wound is healing, but will take time due to severity.  

10/22/2016  Avalon is eating well, behaving normally, is still receiving oral antibiotics, and is receiving wound care every couple weeks. 

12/23/2016  Animal's wounds continue to heal well.  Avalon is very active and in good health otherwise.  Oral antibiotics were discontinued. 

01/07/2017  Avalon's boat strike wound is continuing to heal.  Animal is behaving normally.

04/10/2017  Avalon's boat strike wounds to the carapace have almost completely healed except for one small area which is still fairly deep.  

06/14/2017  Avalon was released by Mote staff and interns in the Banana River area on the east coast!

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