Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus)

(MML 0706A)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded May 3, 2007
Location of Stranding Near Bonita Beach, Lee County, Florida
Date of Arrival May 4, 2007
Number of Days of Care 145 days

Final Disposition

Released September 27, 2007 SW of Venice Inlet


5/5 These four dolphins stranded late last night near Bonita Beach in Lee County.  They were found by a group of concerned citizens who assisted the animals until staff from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) could arrive on scene.  They were transported to Mote by FWC and Mote staff for treatment and care.

5/10 Dolphin has been running a high white count, but antibiotics seem to be bringing it down.  Dolphin continues to swim well, but is not eating well.

5/11 Dolphin is eating much better today.

5/13 Dolphin is continuing to improve.  Eating over 30 pounds of food per day.

5/15 Dolphin will eat 45 pounds of food today and maybe more tomorrow.  Very active and doing well.

5/18 Dolphin is now eating 60 pounds of squid per day and is finally gaining weight.  It's white count had gone up, but is now coming back down.

5/21 Continuing to improve.  Up to 65 pounds of squid per day.

5/23 Doing very well.

5/25 Dolphin has gained so much weight in the last 5 days that we have decreased the feeds back to 60 pounds per day.  Blood work looks good.

6/1 Dolphin is doing very well and is off most medications.  Its appetite continues to be excellent.

6/5 White count went up a little, so dolphin is back on antibiotics, but doing very well.

6/12 Dolphin continues to gain weight and is doing very well.

6/15 Continues doing well.

6/19 More of the same.

6/25 Dolphin's white count is up again, so have changed antibiotics, but continuing to eat and gain weight.

6/29 Dolphin's white count has come down some, but not yet back to normal.  Continuing on antibiotics.  Doing very well otherwise.

7/7 White count continues to decrease slowly and dolphin is doing very well.  For the last couple of weeks, dolphin has been offering squid to her calf, but calf has only been playing with it.

7/12 Continuing to improve.

7/20 Dolphin's white count has leveled off, but is not quite back to normal.  Doing very well, otherwise. 

7/30 Continuing to do well. 8/7 White count continues to come down very slowly. 

8/22 Blood values continue to improve slowly. 

8/26 White count if finally within normal limits.  Will continue antibiotics for a while longer to be certain the white count stays down.  Then, we may begin making plans for release. 

8/28 White count remains normal.  Freeze branded the dolphin in preparation for eventual release. 

9/1 Continuing to do very well.  Getting close to being taken off all medications.  Release may be possible as early as end of September. 

9/11 Dolphin is now off all antibiotics and blood values are normal.  Have appied for release later this month. 

9/19 Blood values are still within normal limits.  Hoping for release sometime next week. 

9/21 We received approval to release the dolphin as early as middle of next week. 

9/27 Both dolphins were released this morning at 8am about 93 nm SW of Venice Inlet.  Release went very well. 

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