Big Al

Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus)

(MML 0706AA)

Age Class Calf
Gender Male
Date Stranded May 3, 2007
Location of Stranding Near Bonita Beach, Lee County, Florida
Date of Arrival May 4, 2007
Number of Days of Care 145 days

Final Disposition

Released September 27, 2007 SW of Venice Inlet

Big Al (calf) with its mother.

5/5 Four dolphins (two cow/calf pairs) stranded late last night near Bonita Beach, Florida.  They were found by a group of concerned citizens who assisted the animals until staff from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) could arrive on scene.  They were transported to Mote by FWC and Mote staff for treatment and care.  This calf is nursing and swimming well.

5/10 White count is running high for the calf, but it is swimming and nursing well.  Have started it on antibiotic injections and seems to be doing OK.  It is far from being "out of the woods", however.

5/13 Calf seems to be continuing to improve.  Nursing for longer times.

5/15 Still doing very well.  Becoming more playful.

5/18 We have been supplementing formula to the calf and it is finally gaining weight.  It is still nursing well and the cow seems to be giving it more milk.

5/21 Calf is continuing to gain weight, but its white count has gone up, so we have changed antibiotics for it.

5/23 Calf is gaining even more weight.

5/25 Calf has gained a lot of weight, so we have now discontinued supplementing its milk with formula.

6/1 Calf is doing extremely well, although its white count is a little high.  It is now gaining about 1 kg (2 pounds) per day, without any supplementation.  It is very playful.

6/5 White count is finally coming down and continues to do very well.

6/7 Calf continues to increase in activity.

6/12 Calf continues to gain weight and is very active.

6/15 More of the same.

6/19 Dolphin calf continues to be very active, being very interactive with EED's in the tank.  Continuing to gain weight.

6/25 Continuing the same.

6/29 Calf continues to be very active and is gaining lots of weight.

7/7 Calf is doing very well.  It began to take squid into its mouth for the first time today, but is not eating it.

7/12 Continuing to do well.

7/20 Calf's white count had gone back up, but is coming back down.  Doing well otherwise.

7/30 Calf has finally begun to eat some of its mothers squid.  Doing well and gaining weight.

8/7 White count is continuing to come back down.

8/22 Blood values are now back to normal, but will leave calf on antibiotics until mother is off antibiotics as well.

8/28 Blood values still normal.  Freeze branded in preparation for eventual release.

9/1 Continuing to do well.

9/11 Dolphin is now off all antibiotics and blood values are normal.  Have appied for release later this month.

9/19 Blood values still normal.  Possible release next week.

9/21 We received approval to release the dolphin as early as middle of next week.

9/27 Dolphin was released this morning with its mother about 93 nm SW of Venice Inlet.  Release went very well and the two were observed together one hour after release. 

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