Caesar II

Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

(MML 0406, MMPL0409 )

Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded March 22, 2004
Location of Stranding Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida (St. Pete)
Date of Arrival March 22, 2004
Number of Days of Care 85 days

Final Disposition

Released on June 15, 2004 off Egmont Key

Caesar II on arrival

3/23 This dolphin was found this morning on Pass-a-Grille Beach. The animal has very worn teeth but does not appear to be extremely old. It has been started on antibiotics, antifungals, and oral fluids. We are awaiting test results for a diagnosis. He was offered fish and ateimmediately and he is swimming on his own.

3/24 Dolphin is doing well today. He is eating all food that is offered and blood work this morning is improved.

3/25 Although the dolphin is eating very well, its white count has gone up significantly, indicating an infection problem somewhere. A new antibiotic has been added to its treatment and the dolphin is being observed closely for any new symptoms.

3/26 Thermography of a small wound on the dolphin's side indicated a possible localized infection. We will ultrasound the wound tomorrow morning to determine if there might be a stingray barb embedded in the wound. If one is found, we will attempt to remove it. The dolphincontinues to behave well and eat very well.

3/27 Ultrasound did not reveal any barbs in the tissue. The dolphin's blood work is improving, so we will just continue to monitor him with no additional treatment.

3/28 Doing well today.

3/31 Blood work continues to improve. Dolphin is gaining weight and continues to eat very well. 4/4 Dolphin's white count continues to be a little high, but appetite and behavior are good. Dolphin is gaining weight.

4/12 Dolphin continues to do well. White count is now normal.

4/20 Dolphin continues to do well and is gaining a lot of weight.

4/25 White count has gone back up, but dolphin continues to do well. Have changed antibiotics and moved dolphin out of quarantine.

5/1 White count has come down almost to normal and dolphin continues to do well.

5/4 Dolphin continues to do well.

5/8 Gaining weight and doing very well.

5/14 White blood count was normal this morning as was blood chemistry. Dolphin continues to do very well. May try to take him off all medications next week.

5/19 Dolphin has now been taken off all medications and is doing very well.

5/21 Thermography performed on the same wound as

3/26 indicates that all infection is gone from the wound. White count is staying down so far.

5/24 Dolphin's white count is still down, so we are going to apply for permission for release in the near future.

5/28 A request was submitted today for permission to release this dolphin in 2-3 weeks. Dolphin continues to do very well.

6/1 Dolphin was freeze-branded yesterday in preparation for possible release. Continuing to do very well.

6/5 Doing well off all medications. Waiting to hear regarding permission for release.

6/10 Bloodwork was good. Dolphin is definitely ready to leave. Still waiting for permission.

6/13 Permission has been granted for release this week. Release awaits results of blood work and exam on Monday.

6/14 Dolphin passed his final medical exam with flying colors and will be released this week.

6/15 Dolphin was released this morning at 8:06am into the Gulf of Mexico west of Egmont Key. He left swimming to the north and we hope to track him for the next 2-3 months via the satellite-linked transmitter that we attached this morning.

6/16 Dolphin has moved along the continental shelf in a generally NW direction since release. Has shown no inclination toward restranding.

6/17 Dolphin has moved further NW and is now located more than 100 miles west of Crystal River, Florida. Dive profile indicates that he is diving deeply and regularly.

6/19 Dolphin is now about 100 miles south of Pensacola, continuing to dive well.

6/21 Dolphin has turned to the south and is currently in very deep water west of Charlotte Harbor.

6/28 Dolphin came ashore on Manasota Key on

6/22, but was pushed back off and swam away. It then headed north, back up into the panhandle, and is currently south of Tallahassee and west of Crystal River. Is regularly making dives that last >5 minutes.

6/29 Dolphin is continuing south and is currently due west of Sarasota.

6/30 Dolphin has continued on a southerly tract, but is now turning somewhat southeast.

7/6 Dolphin made a trek down to near the Yucatan then turned back north and is currently due west of Key West in very deep water.

7/14 Dolphin continues to trek around the Gulf of Mexico. It has made a loop north of the Yucatan and is now heading north toward the Florida Panhandle. Current location is due west of Sarasota about 300 miles.

7/21 Dolphin remained west of Sarasota for several days, but there has been no contact since 7/19.

7/27 No further contact, so we assume there will be no more contact. Outcome is inconclusive.

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