Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Female
Date Stranded October 11, 2013
Location of Stranding
Date of Arrival March 20, 2014
Number of Days of Care 1021 days

Final Disposition



3/20/14 Captain was transferred from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center so her diving capability could be tested. This animal was previously released and re-stranded. Captain is doing very well in deep water and can rest on the bottom.

3/25/15 Captain is doing very well, although buoyancy issues have not subsided. Turtle is kept in lower water to maintain stability. Likely will be deemed un-releasable.

8/03/2015  Weights were added to Captain's carapace.  Tank water level was raised, and turtle is now able to rest on the bottom. 

8/21/2015  Most of the weights were removed from turtle's carapace. 

8/25/2015  Turtle is often observed resting flat on the bottom of tank. 

8/28/2015  All weights were removed from carapace and water level was lowered slightly. 

12/07/2015  New weights were attached to Captain's carapace to help with buoyancy issues. 

12/28/2015  Both weights have fallen off Captain's carapace.  Turtle is seen sometimes flat and sometimes buoyant. 

1/09/2016  Captain underwent an endoscopy procedure to determine sex; Captain is female! 

1/15/2016  More weights were added to her carapace, and water level has been raised.  She is observed swimming and resting level. 

4/7/2016    Captain was moved to one of Mote's sea turtle exhibit tanks until a permanent facility has space for her. She shares a tank with Bellatrix (there is a permanent divider separating the two).  She is eating well and seems to enjoy all the attention and change of scenery. 

1/4/2017  Captain was transferred to her permanent home at the Carpenter House Marine Environmental Education Center in Hollywood, FL.  See the following link for details...

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