Chicken Noodle

Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded August 2, 2016
Location of Stranding Manatee County, south of Tidy Island
Date of Arrival August 2, 2016
Number of Days of Care 122 days

Final Disposition


Chicken Noodle

08/02/2016   Animal was inadvertently netted in a seine net.  Front right flipper was badly entangled in monofilament fishing line so decision was made to bring in animal for rehab.  Animal was also underweight and had fibropapilloma tumors in.  Upon arrival at Mote, the line was removed.  Radiographs showed the humerus bone of that flipper was completely fractured.  Fluid and antibiotic therapy were initiated.

08/03/2016  Chicken Noodle is already eating almost all food types offered.  

09/14/2016  Chicken Noodle underwent surgery today to removed the damaged portion of the right front flipper and also to remove the fibropapilloma tumors

09/16/2016  Animal is recovering well from surgery - is swimming normally and eating well

10/22/2016  Chicken Noodle conitnues to eat well, manuever well in the water, and heal.  Animal is still receiving oral antibiotics.  No evidence of new tumor growth.

11/03/2016  Antibiotics have been discontinued.  Chicken Noodle continues to heal and do well.

12/01/2016  Chicken noodle was released by Mote staff and interns at Honeymoon Island

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