Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus)

(MML 0514B)

Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded July 15, 2005
Location of Stranding Off Marco Island, FL
Date of Arrival July 15, 2005
Number of Days of Care 210 days

Final Disposition

Released February 10, 2006 about 115 nm W of Sarasota

This dolphin was part of a mass stranding of 5 Risso's dolphins.  This one and one other were transported to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital for rehabilitation.  The dolphins were both swimming within one hour of arrival.  Both have been given fluids and have been started on antibiotics.

7/17 Dolphins are continuing to swim well.  This dolphin is somewhat anemic, but otherwise, blood work looks good. (cont'd below photo)

Bonnie (R) and Clyde following arrival.

7/18 This dolphin began to eat today with a ravenous appetite.  Other dolphin is not yet eating, but both are doing well, otherwise.

7/19 Exam this morning showed good blood values and he is now eating out of the water column (i.e. not having to be hand-fed).

7/20 Dolphin is doing better each day.  Appetite continues to be excellent.

7/21 Continuing to do very well.

7/22 Exam this morning revealed a slightly elevated white count and a mild anemia.  Have changed his antibiotics.  He continues to eat very well.

7/24 Continuing to do well and eat well.

7/25 Dolphin has gained considerable weight since his arrival.  Doing very well and anemia has improved.

7/26 Continuing to do well.

7/27 Still doing well.

8/1 Although other dolphin is doing poorly, this one is doing very well.

8/2 More of the same.

8/5 Still doing very well.

8/8 Continuing to do well.

8/9 Exam this morning went well.  Gaining much weight, at this point.

8/13 Dolphin's white count is going up, so had to change antibiotics.  Will continue to monitor.  Appetite is still excellent.

8/16 White count is coming back down and dolphin continues to do well.

8/19 Dolphin is doing well, but white count went back up again.  Changed antibiotics again.

8/25 Continuing to do well.  Will recheck blood tomorrow morning.

8/28 Doing well.

9/4 Continues doing well.

9/7 White count is now normal and dolphin has been taken off antibiotics.

9/12 Dolphin has now been taken off all medications and is continuing to do very well.

9/21 White count has gone up slightly, so dolphin has been put back on antibiotics.  Doing very well otherwise.

9/29 White count is headed back down.

10/4 White count is back to normal, but has slight intestinal infection.  Doing great otherwise.

10/12 Back on antibiotics again, but doing very well.

10/17 Dolphins were freeze-branded in preparation for release.  Both are temporarily back on antibiotics.

10/25 Both dolphins survived Hurricane Wilma well.  Still on antibiotics.

11/2 Dolphin has evidence of gastric ulcer and has been started on appropriate medication.  Continuing to eat well, however.

11/4 Showing improvement.

11/11 White count is not quite back to normal, but doing very well otherwise.

11/15 White count is finally down to normal.  We are applying for release in early December.

11/18 Both dolphins are now off all antibiotics and white count is staying down.

11/30 Dolphin continues to do very well, but other dolphin has developed a viral infection that is being treated.  This dolphin shows no evidence of the same infection, but we will monitor it closely.  He is still off all antibiotics.

12/4 Dolphin continues to do very well.

12/9 Dolphin's white count is up slightly, but is doing very well.

12/16 White count is down again and dolphin is doing very well.

12/20 Still doing very well.

12/28 Continuing to do well.

1/2/06 Exam this morning revealed all tests as normal, so we are on a count-down for release in two weeks.

1/13 Dolphin continues to do very well, hoping for release early next week.

1/16 Other dolphin had to be put back on antibiotics, so release has been delayed by about 3 more weeks.

2/2 This dolphin has been healthy for over three months while the other dolphin continues to have severe health issues.  Although we all wanted to release the two dolphins together, the decision has been made to go ahead with release plans for Clyde.

2/5 Dolphin seems to be doing very well alone.

2/9 Plans are well underway for dolphin's release tomorrow into the Gulf of Mexico.  Dolphin has passed his final physical exam and is cleared to go.

2/11 Dolphin was released at 2:28 pm yesterday about 115 miles west of Sarasota.  He is being tracked via satellite and by this morning was WSW of Sanibel Island.

2/12 In last 24 hours dolphin has turned to the SW into much deeper water.

2/13 Dolphin is moving SE into the Florida Straits.

2/14 Dolphin is now in the Gulfstream SE of Marathon.

2/15 Dolphin is now in Bahamian waters, near Bimini.  Disregard point in center of Everglades, just a bad data point.

2/16 Dolphin has now turned south, against the Gulfstream.

2/17 Track is continuing down toward Cuba.

2/18 Dolphin is travelling SE through a deep area just north of Cuba.

2/19 Track is now reversed and dolphin is heading back to the NW.

2/20 Dolphin is continuing on a NW track.

2/21 Dolphin is now moving up the east coast of Florida, now off the coast near Palm Beach.

2/22 Dolphin is now located NE of Cape Canaveral.

2/23 Dolphin is continuing its northward trek, this morning being located SE of Savannah, GA.

2/24 Dolphin is now E of Savannah moving NE. Disregard trek out to Bermuda, just a blip.

2/25 Dolphin is continuing NE but at a much slower pace.  Now located SE of Charleston, SC.

2/26 Dolphin continues to the NE, now located SE of Wilmington, NC.

2/27 Track continuing NE with dolphin now offshore from Cape Lookout, NC.

2/28 Dolphin has now turned more easterly and slowed his foreward progress off the Outer Banks of NC.

3/1 Dolphin is staying in the same area as yesterday, milling around, apparently.  He is diving to 300-400 meters and staying down 8-9 minutes.

3/2 Dolphin is staying in the same general area, this morning being SE of Norfolk, VA.

3/3 Now moving NE again, being located NE of Norfolk.

3/4 The dolphin is continuing to the NE, now located offshore SE of Baltimore, MD.

3/5 No data received this morning.  Uncertain if tag is off or if system is taking the weekend off!!!

3/7 No more data has been received from the satellite.  Since signals were good right up until contact was lost, it is likely that the transmitter has fallen off.  It is important to note that the dolphin was in excellent habitat for Risso's dolphins at the time contact was lost.

Map below shows full track for Clyde that is being published as follows:

Wells, R.S., C.A. Manire, D. Smith, J.G. Gannon, D. Fauquier, and K.D. Mullin.  In review.  First records of movements and dive patterns of a Risso’s dolphin, Grampus griseus, in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, from a rehabilitated individual.  Marine Mammal Science.

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