Rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis)

(MML 0705, CMA 0702)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Female
Date Stranded March 23, 2007
Location of Stranding Egmont Key, mouth of Tampa Bay
Date of Arrival March 23, 2007
Number of Days of Care 45 days

Final Disposition

Transferred May 7, 2007 to Gulf World, Panama City, Florida

Dolphin in temporary tank on arrival at Dolphin and Whale Hospital.

3/24 Dolphin was found stranded on Egmont Key and was transported by staff from Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Mote Marine Laboratory to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital.  Dolphin has a very high white count, gastric problems, and intestinal problems, as well as some superficial wounds.  Dolphin has been started on oral fluids and antibiotics.  She will be moved tomorrow to a larger tank.

3/25 Gastroscopy was performed this morning and several marine sponges were removed from the stomach.  Many gastric ulcers are present.  Dolphin was moved to a much larger tank at noon today and was swimming on its own by 4pm.  By 8pm, dolphin began to eat fish.

3/26 Swimming and eating and white count has started to go down.

3/27 White count is down dramatically today.  Began physical therapy as the dolphin appears stiff.  Appetite is OK.

3/28 Dolphin is swimming much better today and is much more active.  Appetite improves daily.

3/29 Continued improvement.

3/30 White count is back to normal and dolphin continues to eat well.

4/2 Dolphin began interacting with EED's (toys) yesterday and is swimming better.  Will repeat gastroscopy tomorrow to remove remainder of sponges.

4/3 Several sponges were removed via gastroscopy this morning and then others were removed when vomiting was induced afterwards.  Blood values are greatly improved and wounds are healing well.

4/5 Dolphin's appetite dropped after the gastroscopy, but is now back up to normal.  Still doing well.

4/9 Continuing to improve.  Swimming more and interacting with EED's more.

4/16 Dolphin continues to improve daily.

4/20 Dolphin has been moved to a larger tank and is continuing to do well. Will be doing radiographs on Monday.

4/27 Radiographs revealed no abnormalities.  Gastroscopy revealed no more sponges in the stomach, although there are still some ulcers that have not completely healed.  Becoming more active the last couple of days.

4/30 Even more active now and appetite is better, as well.

5/2 Dolphin is more active every day.  Continuing to gain weight.

5/5 Dolphin is going to be transferred to Gulf World in Panama City where they have others of this same species.

5/7 Dolphin was transferred to Gulf World in Panama City for continued rehabilitation and seems to be doing very well there.

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