Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 21, 2023
Location of Stranding Holmes Beach, Manatee County
Date of Arrival February 21, 2023
Number of Days of Care 84 days

Final Disposition



02/21/2023  Turtle was found washed ashore at 31st beach access in Holmes Beach, Manatee County.   Suspect red tide toxicity.  Animal was transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Animal is currently dry-docked due to likely red tide neurotoxicity and extreme lethargy.  Will receive subcutaneous fluids daily to help flush out toxins until behavior improves and "Farmer" starts eating.

02/24/2023  Farmer failed its swim test today, so will be dry-docked and given fluid therapy another day.  Did defecate a large amount of shellfish today, indicating animal had been eating recently prior to stranding.

02/26/2023  Farmer passed his swim test and is now in very shallow water.  Was started on antibiotic injections due to signs of pneumonia secondary to stranding.  

03/01/2023  Farmer is still quite lethargic and is in very shallow water.  He has started showing interest in eating and will eat small amounts of seafood when offered.

03/10/2023  Farmer is eating well.  Switched from an injectable antibiotic to an oral anitibiotic to minimize handling and stress.  Water level of tank is being slowly increased a couple inches every few days as turtle becomes slightly less lethargic.  

03/17/2023  Turtle is now more alert and active, so tank depth was raised to full.  Farmer continues to eat well. 

04/05/2023  Farmer is getting stronger, eating well, and has already gained 9.5 lbs since stranding!  Unfortuantely, blood work still indicates mild anemia, so turtle is receiving weekly iron injections.  

04/21/2023  Farmer continues to forage full diet offered daily.  Was administered Panacur anti-parasitic two weeks apart in case parasites are contibuting to anemia.  

05/03/2023  Blood values are improving and Farmer continues to eat well and gain weight.

05/16/2023  Lilly and Farmer were released at Lido Beach!

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