Five Cape Cod Sea Turtles from 2001-2002

(ST0163 through ST0167)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded November 13, 2014
Location of Stranding Cape Cod, MA
Date of Arrival December 19, 2001
Number of Days of Care Up to 308

Final Disposition

Four released and one died

12/20 Five turtles arrived from the New England Aquarium that had been cold-stunned in the Cape Cod area. All are on antibiotics and vitamins and will be started on antifungals very soon. 1/2/02 All of the turtles except Gandolf are eating well. Antibiotics have been changed since arrival on all five turtles. Two have been placed on antifungals and all but Gandolf have gained weight since arrival. 1/7 Gandolf's white count was going up, so we changed antibiotics again and he has now begun to eat every time food is offered. The other four seem to be doing very well. 3/21 Four of the turtles are still on antibiotics and antifungals but the fifth (Zeke, the green) is now off all medications. May be able to release Zeke in the near future. 5/1 Zeke was released on Earth Day (4/22) off St. Augustine, Florida. The other four turtles are doing well and may be releasable in another month or so. 6/26 Frodo and Bilbo were released yesterday (6/25) off Canaveral National Seashore Sanctuary. The other two continue to have high white counts and will remain in rehab until that changes. Both are gaining weight and doing well otherwise. 9/10 Both remaining turtles are doing well. Gandolph has some joint difficulties with its right front flipper. Hoping to release them both within one month. 10/21 Hobbitt is finally ready for release. Release is scheduled for the east coast north of Port Canaveral later this week. Gandolph, on the other hand, is not doing well at all. White count is extremely high but is not responding to antibiotics or antifungals. Scheduling a gastroscopy for the turtle tomorrow. 10/23 Gandolph died yesterday. Necropsy today revealed a gastric perforation, probably associated with bacterial gastroenteritis that has been present since the turtle was admitted 10 months ago. Also had peritonitis, severe adhesions, and intestinal blockage from the adhesions. 10/25 Hobbitt was released yesterday at Ormond Beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The turtle swam away strongly.



frontal view of a sea turtle named zeke
"Zeke" frontal view (green)
lateral view of a sea turtle named zeke
"Zeke" lateral view (green)
lateral view of a sea turtle named frodo
"Frodo" on arrival (Kemp's ridley)
lateral view of a sea turtle named frodo
"Frodo" on arrival (Kemp's ridley)

"Gandolf" on arrival (Kemp's ridley)
lateral view of a sea turtle named hobbit
"Hobbit" trying to leave (Kemp's ridley)




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