Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

(ST0242, MH02-812-Lk)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded November 25, 2002
Location of Stranding Barnstable County, MA
Date of Arrival December 18, 2002
Number of Days of Care 224 days

Final Disposition

Released August 1, 2003

This turtle stranded in the Cape Cod area and was transferred from the New England Aquarium to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital due to lack of space. This turtle arrived with Glacier, Blizzard, and Kringle and has a number of external lesions caused by cold-stunning and probably frostbite. 12/24 Despite many external wounds, this turtle has a very good appetite and seems to be doing well. 1/1/03 This turtle has become very anemic. We have administered EPO to try to stimulate red cell production. 1/14 Turtle appears to be responding to EPO treatment and is becoming less anemic. Appetite is good. 2/27 The EPO treatment was completely successful and the anemia is completely gone. Turtle will likely be released this spring. 3/18 This turtle is still on antibiotics, but is doing very well otherwise. 5/15 Frosty is now off antibiotics and is continuing to improve. 6/21 Turtle is doing very well and is likely very close to release. 7/25 Turtle is doing very well. Release is scheduled for next week along with two other Cape Cod turtles. 8/1 Turtle was released today along with Blizzard and Glacier.



frontal view of a sea turtle named frosty
Frontal view

lateral view of a sea turtle named frosty
Lateral view

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