Grumpy (Seven Dwarfs)

Rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis)

(MML 0414-E, HBOI 0417)

Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded August 5, 2004
Location of Stranding Hutchinson Island, Florida (near Ft. Pierce)
Date of Arrival August 7, 2004
Number of Days of Care 2 days

Final Disposition

Died on August 10, 2004

This dolphin stranded with about 37 others of the same species. All were pushed back, but restranded again. Dolphin was brought to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital with six others of the same group for rehabilitation.

8/9 This dolphin has very severe pneumonia, high white count and high liver values, as well as external wounds. It is also very emaciated.

8/10 Dolphin died at 10 pm tonight. Necropsy will be performed tomorrow morning.

8/11 Necropsy revealed red fluids in the chest, abdomen, and pericardial sac as well as severe changes in the lungs. Histopath is pending.

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