Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded December 7, 2019
Location of Stranding Truro, MA
Date of Arrival December 27, 2019
Number of Days of Care 70 days

Final Disposition

Hans was released off Canaveral National Seashore located on the east coast of Florida.


12/07/2019  Turtle-196 was rescued by New England Aquarium near Corn Hill in Truro, MA presenting as a cold stun case.

12/27/2019  Turtle-196 was transferred to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium's Rehabilitation Hospital by plane for continued care. Here, Turtle-196 was deemed "Hans"

12/29/2019  Hans has began eating and was placed on an injectable antibiotic.

01/31/2020  Has has been doing very well. He was placed on an oral antibiotic instead of injectables.

02/20/2020  Hans has been taken off of all medications.

03/04/2020  Hans has been cleared for release.

03/05/2020  Hans was taken to the east coast for release!

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