Spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris)

(MML 0509)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Female
Date Stranded April 19, 2004
Location of Stranding Mustang Island, Texas
Date of Arrival March 27, 2005
Number of Days of Care 3201 days

Final Disposition

3/28 This dolphin has been in rehabilitation at ARK in Port Aransas, Texas, for 11 months and has been transferred to Mote to be put with Moonshine in the Lagoon. The dolphin underwent 5 hours of transport and arrived in excellent condition. It began to eat immediately. The dolphin will remain in quarantine for 1-4 weeks before being introduced to Moonshine.

3/30 Dolphin ingested a small toy that she had played with for several months (see the pink toy in the photo above) very early this morning. Performed gastroscopy to remove the toy and a full medical exam. Dolphin is now doing well.

3/31 Dolphin continues to do very well. Being more active each day.

4/3 Harley continuing to do well.

4/8 Harley's tank was divided this morning and Moonshine was introduced to the opposite side of the tank. Moonshine displayed behaviors that appeared to be annoyance, so we will be observing them closely and keeping them separated for several days.

4/9 Yesterday, Moonshine became so agitated that he had to be removed from the tank with Harley after about 3 hours. He was returned to the lagoon for the remainder of the day. This morning he received a light dose of tranquilizer and was put back in with Harley. He was somewhat quieter, but still showed annoyance. Will see how long he can remain today.

4/12 Tranquilizer helped for a short period, but behavior returned as tranquilizer wore off. Tried again the next day, but no better. Will have to rethink the whole introduction method.

4/18 Harley has begun to breach and spin fairly regularly in the last couple of days. Will start a new introduction procedure later this week.

4/23 Harley continues to do well. Planning to start introduction in the next 3-4 days.

4/25 As part of the introduction process, Vixen and Moonshine were moved out of the lagoon this morning, and Harley was put into the lagoon. Harley seems to enjoy the extra space and is doing lots of spinning.

4/26 Moonshine was moved into the lagoon with Harley this morning. A lot of aggressive behavior was observed, but no harm was done. Moonshine is being territorial about the area where he normally stays.

4/27 This morning, some play behavior is being observed and Moonshine is much less territorial.

4/28 Much more playful behavior with Moonshine today and more spinning, even during daylight hours.

Harley and Moonshine together (4/28)

4/29 Vixen has been returned to the lagoon with Harley and Moonshine and all seem to be tolerating each other fairly well.

5/5 All three dolphins are getting along very well. Harley missed a few feeds shortly after Vixen was returned to the lagoon, but is now back to eating everything.

5/9 Harley is now playing regularly with both other dolphins. Appetite is excellent.

5/11 Harley is acting more like a normal dolphin than she has since arrival. Things are working out very well for her.

6/10 Harley is doing very well and getting along well with the other dolphins.

9/4 Dolphin is now only with Moonshine.  Has had a gastric ulcer for about one week and appetite has been variable.

9/7 Appetite is finally back to normal as is behavior.

9/21 Continuing to do very well.

10/12 Gastric ulcer appears to be finally healed.

10/25 Survived Hurricane Wilma well.

3/1/06 Dolphin is now a permanent resident at Mote, due to being declared unreleasable by the National Marine Fisheries Service, and is undergoing husbandry training for medical behaviors, enrichment training for natural behaviors, as well as training for research behaviors. 

In 2011, Mote announced the sad news that Harley died.

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