Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)


Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded March 20, 2002
Location of Stranding Manasota Key, FL
Date of Arrival March 20, 2002
Number of Days of Care <1 day

Final Disposition


3/21 This turtle was found floating just off the beach of Manasota Key by Kenya Leonard of Sarasota County. It was brought immediately to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital and appears to have neurological symptoms, possibly related to red tide. It is currently being kept in a shallow tank but appears to be breathing well. 3/22 Unfortunately, this turtle died early this morning. Preliminary necropsy findings indicate severe gastroenteritis (possibly amoebic), hepatitis, and probably bacteremia/septicemia as the cause of death.

dorsal view of sea turtle
Dorsal view

carapace of sea turtle being measured
Measuring carapace

lateral view of a sea turtles head
Lateral view of head

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