Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded March 27, 2020
Location of Stranding Venice area near Sharky's
Date of Arrival March 27, 2020
Number of Days of Care 104 days

Final Disposition

07/08/2020  Joyce was released off of Casey Key!


03/27/2020  Joyce was found floating roughly 1 mile offshore from Sharky's pier in Venice, FL. Joyce was named after the police officer who found her floating. Joyce exhibited neurological issues and bouyancy so she was brought to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquariums's Sea Turtle Hospital for rehabilitation. Joyce was weighed, measured, had blood drawn, given fluids, and put in a rehabilitation pool with low water.

04/09/2020  Joyce is still in low water due to bouyancy issues. She is finally starting to eat regularly if we offer her clams (without shells) along with her regular diet.

04/24/2020  Joyce continues to eat better and better but we still have to put the food right in front of her face as she won't forage yet. Her water has been raised some but she is still dealing with some bouyancy issues.

04/28/2020  Joyce was put on oral antibiotics.

06/08/2020  Joyce is finally flat on the bottom instead of floating and is now foraging food on her own! The water level in Joyce's rehab pool is now full.

07/01/2020  Joyce is being considered for release by veterinary staff.

07/08/2020  Joyce was released off of a private beach on Casey Key!

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