Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded July 6, 2016
Location of Stranding Indian River County
Date of Arrival July 7, 2016
Number of Days of Care 133 days

Final Disposition



07/06/2016  Animal was found floating and brought in by a boater at Sebastian Inlet State Park

07/07/2016  Animal transferred from Brevard Zoo to Mote Marine Lab.  Kiwii is in good body condition (37.9 kg), has a very small fracture line on carapace, and has severe buoyancy issues.  Animal was placed in tank with low water level.

07/09/2016  Kiwii is not eating well so is receiving subcutaneous fluids

07/23/2016  Kiwii is now foraging for all food types offered.  Water level is still being kept low because animal continues to float.

09/02/2016   Water depth was increased - animal is occasionally flat at the bottom and other times floating.  Plan on observing bouyancy once a larger tank becomes available.

10/22/2016  Kiwii is observed resting flat on the bottom and has been achieving neutral buoyancy for the majority of the time the last couple weeks.

11/17/2016  Kiwii was released at Sebastian Inlet on the east coast of Florida by Mote staff and interns!

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