Green hybrid cross (Chelonia mydas X)

(ST0243, MH02-846-CmHybrid)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded November 30, 2002
Location of Stranding Barnstable County, MA
Date of Arrival December 18, 2002
Number of Days of Care 90 days

Final Disposition


This turtle stranded in the Cape Cod area and was transferred from the New England Aquarium to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital due to lack of space. This turtle arrived with Glacier, Blizzard, and Frosty and has been affected by cold-stunning. This turtle is a hybrid, meaning the offspring of two different species of sea turtles. 12/24 This turtle was slow to begin eating, but is now eating fairly well. 1/1/03 Turtle seems to be slowly improving. 1/14 Appetite is finally good and bloodwork is normal. 2/27 This turtle is now off all medications and may be ready for release in the very near future. 3/18 Turtle has been tagged and turned over to FWC personnel for immediate release.

Frontal view

Lateral view

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