Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded December 24, 2017
Location of Stranding Anna Maria Island, Manatee County
Date of Arrival December 24, 2017
Number of Days of Care 19 days

Final Disposition



12/24/2017  Some mullet fisherman accidentally caught sea turtle (fishing line wrapped around its neck) and brought into shore.  Mote Strandings Investigation program transported animal back to Mote for rehabilitation.  The turtle's shell, flippers, and head were extremely covered in epibiota (barnacles and algae) indicating it has likely been debilitated for awhile.  Numerous fibropapilloma tumors are present on turtle's body including on both eyelids.  Blood work revealed an elevated white blood cell count.  Animal was started on injectable antibiotics and will be given subcutaneous fluids daily until eating.  Weight at time of stranding is 7.3 kg (16.1 lbs).  Animal was placed in a rehab. tank at very low water level until more active. 

12/28/2017  Lovie has bit at squid a couple times, but is still not eating.  Will continue antibiotic and fluid therapy until eating. 

12/30/2017  Lovie ate sea grass and lettuce today.

01/01/2018  Lovie is now foraging and eating all food types offered.  Overall, animal is becoming more active.

01/12/2018  Animal was put under anesthesia so the veterinarian could surgically remove the tumors from the eyes and nose.  Radiographs revealed suspect internal tumors and a granulatomous pneumonia that was worsening despite being on antibiotics.  Due to poor prognosis, Lovie was humanely euthanized.

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