Ms. Marker

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded April 14, 2017
Location of Stranding Offshore, Sarasota County
Date of Arrival April 14, 2017
Number of Days of Care 52 days

Final Disposition


Ms. Marker

04/14/2017  Animal was found floating by some fishermen.  They got the animal on board their boat and it was eventually transported to Mote.  Initial diagnostics showed an elevated glucose level and a low white blood cell count.  "Ms. Marker" was given subcutaneous fluids and was dry-docked for the night due to extreme lethargy and some neurologic issues.  This animal is suspected to be afffected by Red Tide toxicity.

04/15/2017  Animal is now in a rehab. pool at very low water level.  Is still quite lethargic and is showing no interest in eating yet.

04/17/2017  Injectable antibiotic therpy was started yesterday.  Animal is slightly more active and bit at some food but has shown no interest in ingesting anything yet.

04/22/2017  Ms. Marker ate a small amount of clam, shrimp, and squid today!

04/27/2017  Animal continues to slowly eat more food (shrimp, capelin, squid, and clam) each day and is very active at times.  Tank depth increased to half full.

05/03/2017  Tank depth increased to full.  Oral antibiotics have been discontiued.  Ms. Marker continues to swim well and forage.

05/16/2017  Turtle was given a dewormer due to an elevation in a specific type of white blood cell that could indicate a possible heavy parasite burden. 

05/31/2017  Blood work is much improved and Ms. Marker has been medically cleared for release!  Tentatively planning to release her this Monday at 9:30 am at Lido Beach.

06/05/2017  Ms. Marker was released this morning at Lido Beach!

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