Ms. Pam

Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded August 17, 2018
Location of Stranding Manatee County
Date of Arrival August 17, 2018
Number of Days of Care 306 days
Ms. Pam

08/17/2018  Turtle was found floating in the Intercoastal Waterway near the Seafood Shack Marina in Manatee County.  Animal was transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Exam findings reveal a previously healed trauma to tip of carapace.  Turtle also is exhibiting some neurological signs likely caused by Red Tide toxicity.  She was given subcutaneous fluids and dry docked overnight.

08/18/2018  Ms. Pam was relocated to a rehab. pool in shallow water.  She ate when offered fish!

08/29/2018  Kobia and Ms. Pam were transported by FWC to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to open up tank space for other rehab. animals at Mote.

10/28/2018  Ms. Pam was transferred back to Mote for further evaluation of bouancy issues.

11/29/2018  Ms. Pam continues to eat well.  Turtle is still positively bouyant and is unable to rest on the bottom of the tank.  

12/11/2018  Weights were attached to turtle's carapace using epoxy.  Ms. Pam is now able to successfully rest on the bottom of the tank and has a much easier time diving to the bottom to forage for food. 

01/21/2019  The weights are no longer attached to turtle's shell and Ms. Pam is positively buoyany again.  Will monitor buoyancy issues.  Turtle is active and eating well.

02/15/2019 Because of Ms. Pam's permanent buoyancy issues, she is deemed medically non-releasble for a life in the wild.  Today she was sedated and endoscoped for sex determination. Ms. Pam is indeed a female!  FWC will now look for a suitable permanent home for her.

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