Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded January 16, 2023
Location of Stranding Volusia County, FL
Date of Arrival January 19, 2023
Number of Days of Care 71 days

01/16/2023  Turtle was found in floating in New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County County on the east coast of Florida.  It was transported to Sea Turtle Healing Center at Brevard Zoo for rehabilitation.  While at Brevard, he was started on subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, etc.  Turtle does heavy a heavy load of fibropapilloma tumors.

01/19/2023  Due to overcrowding of some facilities on the east coast, FWC transferred some turtles to Mote for rehabilitation.  Norbert was dry-docked overnight due to severe lethargy,

01/20/2023  Norbert is now in a tank in very low water.  He is very lethargic, but did eat a few bites of squid today.

01/25/2023  Norbert is still very lethargic and is in very shallow water.  Occasionally bites at food, but not has consumed any in a few days. Continues to receive antibiotic injections every couple days until blood work improves and subcutaneous fluids until eating.

01/28/2023  Norbert is still extremely lethargic and is being kept in very shallow water.  He slowly started showing interest in food and ate squid well yesterday and today.  

02/07/2023  Blood values are improved, so injectable antibiotics were discontinued.  Norbert is eating well and is slowly becoming more active.

02/18/2023  Norbert continues to eat well and spend much of the day swimming.  His water level has been increased to give him more room to swim.

03/04/2023  Norbert had pap tumor removal surgery today.  His tumors had regressed significantly, so only local anesthesia was necessary.  Turtle is already back in his tank and eating well.

03/10/2023  Norbert is now in a larger rehab. tank and has more room to swim.  Turtle is eating all seafood and lettuce offered.

03/25/2023  Norbert spends all day swimming and is eating well and healing following surgery.

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