Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded July 20, 2018
Location of Stranding Manasota Key, Sarasota County
Date of Arrival July 20, 2018
Number of Days of Care 60 days

Final Disposition



07/20/2018  Animal was found on the beach at Manasota Key and was transported to Mote.  Physical exam findings and blood work revealed that the turtle was most likely experiencing signs of Red Tide toxicity.  Ready was given subcutaneous fluids and dry-docked overnight due to lethargy and neurologic signs.

07/21/2018  Ready will continue to receive subcutaneous fluids until eating and behaving normally.  She passed the water test today and is now in a rehab. pool in shallow water.

07/28/2018  Ready is now behaving normally and is much more active.  Her rehab pool is now at full depth.  She has shown no interest in eating yet, so she is still receiving subcutaneous fluids on a regular basis.

08/01/2018  Turtle is foraging food on her own.  

09/18/2018 Ready was transported by FWC to Honeymoon Island for release!

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