Sea Salt

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Male
Date Stranded October 30, 2016
Location of Stranding Manatee County
Date of Arrival October 30, 2016
Number of Days of Care 97 days

Final Disposition


Sea Salt

10/30/2016  Animal was found by some fishermen floating one mile off of Holmes Beach, Mantee County.  Animal was transported to Mote for treatment.  Animal was very lethargic and is posiibly affected by Red Tide toxins.  Was given subcutaneous fluids and dry-docked overnight.

10/31/2016  Blood work today showed an elevation in glucose and white blood cells.  Animal will receive subcutaneous fluids until eating and was started on an injectable antibiotic.  

11/01/2016  Sea Salt finally passed the water test today and was put in a rehab. tank with the water level lowered.  Currently is showing no interest in eating, but is receiving subcutaneous fluids daily.  

11/05/2016  Animal ate some fish today!

11/26/2016  Sea Salt is now in a full tank and forages all food offered.  He is much more active.  Switched him from an injectable antibiotic to an oral antibiotic to address his elevated white blood cell count. 

12/05/2016  Sea Salt was moved to one of the larger cetacean rehab. pools so he has more room to swim.

12/23/2016  Animal continues to be active in the larger tank.  Will forage some food on his own, but oftentimes food must be placed directly in front of him to entice him to eat.

01/07/2017  Antibiotics were discontinued as animal's blood work is improving.  Sea Salt has been foraging for food very well the last few days.

01/27/2017  Sea Salt has been very active and eating well.  Blood work shows improvement.

02/03/2017  Sea Salt was released at Lido Beach by Mote staff and interns!  Prior to release, he was fitted with a satellite tag and can be tracked at

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