Green (Chelonia mydas)


Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 23, 2002
Location of Stranding City Island, Sarasota, FL
Date of Arrival February 23, 2002
Number of Days of Care 73 days

Final Disposition

Released May 7, 2002 in Sarasota Bay

2/24 The turtle was found floating in Sarasota Bay and was extremely lethargic. Upon examination, the turtle had a deep wound at the left shoulder area, but seemed to be in fairly good shape otherwise. The turtle, nicknamed Shamrock for the boat that brought it in, was started on antibiotics and placed in a warm water tank. Shamrock seems to be doing fairly well as it ate squid and capelin the first evening. 3/21 This turtle is doing very well. The wound on its left shoulder is healing well and the turtle's appetite is very good. 5/1 The wound on the shoulder is completely healed and the turtle is ready for release. It was tagged this morning and will be released next week. 5/7 Turtle was released back into Sarasota Bay.

Shamrock being measured on arrival

Left shoulder wound

Shamrock after being cleaned up

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