Spot and Chip

Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

(ST0112 and ST0113)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 13, 2001
Location of Stranding Longboat Key, FL
Date of Arrival February 13, 2001
Number of Days of Care 260

Final Disposition

Released November 1, 2001 in Gullivan Bay near Naples, FL

These turtles were found floating off Longboat Key and were non-responsive. Both turtles have low blood protein values and may have a viral infection. 2/16 Both turtles have intestinal problems but they have begun to eat squid when it is offered to them. 2/21 Both turtles are eating very well but are running high white counts. Both have been put on antibiotics. 2/26 Chip is responding to the antibiotics (white count coming down and eating very well) but Spot is not (white count going up and not eating well) so Spot will be placed on a different antibiotic. 3/4 Chip had lost his appetite about three days ago and died today from pneumonia. Spot is also showing symptoms of pneumonia but is currently responding to treatment. 3/12 Spot is eating very well and is gaining weight well. 3/21 Spot continues to do well. 4/5 White count went up slightly but is responding to treatment. Still eating well. 4/19 White count is back down and eating well. Turtle is currently being treated for blood flukes. 5/1 Spot's appetite continues to be good and white count is staying down. 5/15 Spot has now been taken off all antibiotics. If the white count stays down, the turtle may be releasable in the next month. 5/23 White count is still normal, so turtle may be releasable in another 2-3 weeks. 5/31 White count and enzyme levels are going back up again. Back on to medication again. 6/20 Still on medication but doing well. 7/11 White count continues at a slightly elevated level despite treatment. Doing very well otherwise. 9/11 Turtle continues to need antibiotics occasionally, but is doing well generally. 11/1 Spot was released today in Gullivan Bay in the Ten Thousand Islands area.

Spot and Chip on arrival

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