Sweet Reese

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded March 30, 2022
Location of Stranding Vero Beach
Date of Arrival April 10, 2022
Number of Days of Care 87 days

Final Disposition


Sweet Reese

03/30/2022 Sweet Reese is subadult sea turtle patient that was found struggling in the surf in Vero Beach on Florida's east coast. The turtle arrived at Loggerhead Marinelife Center with braided line entangled around its right front flipper and dragging a large tree limb. Sweet Reese also has pneumonia and old, healed boat strike injuries to its carapace. The turtle will receive treatment and be closely monitored by hospital staff with routine diagnostics.

04/10/2022  Sweet Reese was transported to Mote for continued rehabilitation.  Animal is on oral antibiotics for treatment of pneumonia and an elevated white blood cell count.  Turtle is swimming well, eating, and the flipper entanglement injury is healing well.

04/16/2022  Sweet Reese continues to do well.  Her diet is being increased daily.  

05/07/2022  Reese is active and eating well.  She was moved to a large, deep rehab. pool to encourage extra swimming to increase blood flow to the injured flipper.  She continues to receive oral antibiotics daily for the treatment of pneumonia.

06/18/2022  Blood work parameters have improved and antibiotics were discontinued.  Sweet Reese is eating well and her flipper is healing nicely.

07/06/2022  Uncle Johnny and Sweet Reese were released by Mote staff and interns at Avalon State Park in Fort Pierece, FL.

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