Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 6, 2022
Location of Stranding Captiva Island, Lee County
Date of Arrival February 9, 2022
Number of Days of Care 149 days

02/06/2022  Turtle was found floating in Redfish Pass, Captiva Island in Lee County.  She was transported to Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) for rehabilitation.  Exam findings show a healed caudal carapace fracture, amputation of the left rear flipper, and tail amputation all likely caused by a boat strike.

02/09/2022  Turtle was transferred to Mote for continued rehabilitation.  "Tater" is being kept in a shallow rehab. pool due to buoyancy issues.   She is receiving subcutaneous fluids until eating regularly.

02/12/2022  Tater is still lethargic but did eat a piece of romaine lettuce today.

02/18/2022 Tater is now eating all seafood items offered and romaine lettuce.  She was started on an oral antibiotic due to an elevating white blood cell count.  She is still lethargic and being kept in shallow water due to buoyancy issues.

03/09/2022  Tater continues to eat well.  She is currently on two different oral antibiotics due to buoyancy issues and an elevated white blood cell count.

04/04/2022  Tater's blood values are improving, so antibiotics were discontinued.  She continues to have buoyancy issues for the majority of the time.

04/07/2022  Tater was moved to a large rehab. pool to observe her buoyancy in a larger, deeper environment over time.

04/27/2022  Tater was able to sit at the bottom of the deeper tank, but her caudal end was buoyant.  She was moved back into a smaller tank and weights were attached to her carapace using epoxy.  The weights allow her to sit flat at the bottom and achieve neutral buoyancy.  The weights are not a permanent fix, however, so animal is deemed non-releasable due to unresolved permanent buoyancy issues secondary to the healed boat strike.

05/07/2022  Because Tater is medically non-releasable, she is now being hand-fed to get her used to being around people.  She will remain in the sea turtle rehab. hospital at Mote until FWC places her in a permanent facility.  

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