Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded February 21, 2023
Location of Stranding Longboat Key, Sarasota County
Date of Arrival February 21, 2023
Number of Days of Care 38 days

02/21/2023  Turtle was found floating into shore north of the Water Club Condominium on Longboat Key, Sarasota County.   Suspect red tide toxicity.  Animal was transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Animal is currently dry-docked due to likely red tide neurotoxicity and extreme lethargy.  Will receive subcutaneous fluids daily to help flush out toxins until behavior improves and "Valerie" starts eating.

02/23/2023   Did defecate a large amount of shellfish overnight, indicating animal had been eating recently prior to stranding.

02/24/2023  Valerie passed her swim test today, so is now in a rehab. pool in very shallow water.  She ate some squid immediately when offered.

03/04/2023  Valerie is much more active and is eating well.  Her tank depth has been increased to full.

03/10/2023  Valerie is still in deep water and is more active.  She has started being picky and only wants to eat shrimp recently.  She was started on weekly iron injections due to anemia.  

03/25/2023  Valerie is still being a picky eater and has now chosen squid as her favorite prey item.

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