Virginia Turtles: MaryLou and Jack Frost

Multiple Animals

(Turtle R (ST0107) & Turtle S (ST0108))

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded December 18, 2000
Location of Stranding Virginia Beach, VA
Date of Arrival January 12, 2001
Number of Days of Care 105 (36)

Final Disposition

One died and one released
1/13 These two turtles stranded at Virginia Beach, VA, and were taken to the Virginia Marine Science Museum. They were transferred to Mote due to space limitations. Both turtles are eating well (See images). 1/15 The Kemp's is running a slightly elevated white count so he was started on an antibiotic (amikacin) until the white count returns to normal. 1/18 Both turtles continue to do well, but the Hawksbill's appetite is off a little. 1/20 The Hawksbill began eating very well again this morning. 1/25 Both turtles are eating very well and white counts are nearing normal again. 1/29 Both turtles' blood values have returned to normal and antibiotics have been discontinued. Both continue to eat well. 2/5 Both still doing very well. 2/15 Both turtles have been approved for release early next week. 2/21 The hawksbill has been cleared for release on Friday. The Kemp's ridley has increasing liver values so we are going to hold on to it for a while longer. 2/26 Hawksbill was released off Palm Beach on Friday. Immediately headed south. 3/5 Liver values are improving on Kemp's. May be releasable by next week. 3/12 Liver values are continuing to improve. Will monitor for another week or two before releasing. 3/21 More improvement. 4/5 White count went up slightly but seems to be responding to antibiotics. Otherwise, doing very well. 4/19 White count is coming down and turtle is doing well. 4/30 This turtle died suddenly during the night with no prior symptoms. A necropsy is planned to determine the cause of death.

Dorsal view of Kemp's ridley (Turtle R)

Dorsal view of Hawskbill (Turtle S)

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