Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded May 17, 2022
Location of Stranding Cortez, Manatee County
Date of Arrival May 17, 2022
Number of Days of Care 105 days

Final Disposition



05/17/2022  Turtle was found floating at the far end of the Seafood Shack Marina in Cortez.  Concerned citizens disentangled the monofilament fishing line that was wrapped around front left flipper and mouth.  Turtle was transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Exam findings show that the front left flipper is swollen and red and there is a healing incision in the left corner of the mouth, indicating that the turtle had been entangled for some time.  Turtle is also missing left rear flipper from a previous injury.  Radiographs show the presence of an internal spinner hook that was ingested.  Turtle also has numerous fibropapilloma tumors present.  Started on injectable antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, subcutaneous fluids until eating well, and was put in a very shallow rehab. pool.

05/18/2022  "Waves" is biting at pieces of food.

05/19/2022  Waves ate numerous pieces of sea food and sea grass.  Increased the depth of her pool by a couple inches.  

05/25/2022  Waves continues to eat well.  Today she passed some monofilament, spider wire, and part of the spinner hook in a defecation.

05/27/2022  Continuing to increase turtle's diet daily.  Tank is now at full depth.  Continuing injectable antibiotic therapy.  Turtle is able to use front left flipper, but it is still very swollen due to entanglement.

06/06/2022  Injectable antibiotics were discontinued.  Waves is now being given oral antibiotics to minimize stress and handling.  Her diet is being slowly increased.

06/13/2022  Tank depth is slowly being increased to encourage Waves to swim more.  This ideally will increase blood flow in the the swollen flipper.

07/01/2022  Waves had surgery today to remove the fibropapilloma tumors. The injured flipper due to entanglement is healing well.

07/21/2022  Waves is healing well from her surgery.  The previously entangled flipper is no longer swolllen and she is able to use it normally.  She is eating well and seems to prefer capelin over other food items.  She is still on oral antibiotics due to an elevated white blood cell count.

08/09/2022  Blood work has improved, so antibiotics were discontinued.

08/30/2022  Waves was released at Lido Beach today!

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