Mote Honors Volunteers for Decades of Dedication, Lauds Retiring Volunteer Director

Mote Honors Volunteers for Decades of Dedication, Lauds Retiring Volunteer Director

Mote Marine Laboratory honored its volunteers — including two who have served for 30 years — recognized its entire volunteer corps for donating hundreds of thousands of hours during 2013 and bid a fond farewell to its retiring volunteer director on Thursday, April 10, during the Lab’s annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

The Ceremony was held during National Volunteer Week, which was created by Points of Light, the largest volunteer management and civic engagement organization in the nation.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Mote, supporting everything from cutting-edge marine science and education to administration offices and outreach programs.

In 2013, the Lab had 1,600 volunteers — and their contributions were immense — said Mote President andCEO Dr. Michael P. Crosby, who greeted and thanked the volunteers gathered for the ceremony in Mote’s Immersion Cinema.

Last year, you contributed over 250,000 hours of service,” Crosby said. “People around the world are impressed to hear that we have so many volunteers doing so much.”

During the Ceremony, Crosby and Mote staff presented awards to volunteers who had served for 30 years, 25, 15, 10,five, three and one. Volunteers who had served more than 4,000 hours total during their lifetime also received thenational President’s Volunteer Service Award. “We did a little math to figure out how many total yearsof service we’ve had from the group being honored tonight,” Crosby said. “It adds up to 1,200 cumulative years. That’s impressive.”

During the celebration, Mote volunteers and staff also bid a fond farewell to Lisa Kinsella, who retired Thursday as Mote’s Director of Volunteer and Intern Resources. Kinsella served as a Mote employee for seven years, after volunteering for Mote for four and a half years.

Kinsella told the group: “You’ve deeply touched my heart and changed me in the most positive ways — not only through your kindness to me, but through the professionalism, dedication and caring you’ve shown to Mote.”

During the ceremony, Stolberg completed her term and welcomed incoming Volunteer Board President Bob Cameron. Fellow Volunteer Board officers now include: Angela Bruguglio, Vice President; Anne Walborn, Secretary; Tom Norton, Treasurer.

All Honorees in Mote's 2014 Volunteer Awards Ceremony:

President’s Volunteer Service Award
(National honor for volunteers who have given service of 4,000 hours or more over the course of their lifetime)

Joe Malaney

Ginny Doherty

Gwen Ross

Diane Kestner

Judy Shannon

Norma Pennington

Since 2008, when Mote registered for the National Points of Light Program, the Lab has honored 117 volunteers withthe President's Volunteer Service Award for lifetime service of more than 4,000 hours. According to the President’s Volunteer Service Award web site: the award is issued by Points of Light Institute and the Corporation for National and Community Service on behalf of the President of the United States to recognize the best in American spirit, and to encourage all Americans to improve their communities through volunteer service, and civic participation.

30 Year Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for thirty years with a minimum of 3,000 hours)

Bob Wiegand

Wiegand has served in Mote’s education and outreach efforts since 1983, just three years after the Lab opened is public outreach facility, The Aquarium at Mote. Over the years he has assisted with videoconference programs connecting kids with real marine explorers, guided visitors in The Aquarium at Mote, served in The Aquarium’s Gift Shop and more. He was among the first-ever Day Chairs of Mote’s volunteer corps and today he is an outstanding Aquarium guide and mentor to others.

Pauline Becker
Becker moved with her husband from New Jersey to Florida. In her early years volunteering at Mote, she assisted in the Gift Shop for The Aquarium at Mote and served as Treasurer of Friends of Mote Library, a group of volunteers who raise funds and provide other support for Mote’s Arthur Vining Davis Library. Currently she volunteers in the Library — which has been providing resources, reference and research materials for over 35 years to scientists, students and the public — working as a typist, preparing materials such as book spine labels and donation book plates and by logging, labeling and organizing peer-reviewed journals.

25 Year Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for 25 years with a minimum of 2,500 hours)

Ethel Athanas

Ronnie Enander

Diane Jones

Bert Taylor

20 Year Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for 20 years with a minimum of 2,000 hours)

Mary Anderson

Toni Anthony

Morton Kallman

Norman Lewis

Doris Anne Lucia

Robert Lucia

Nicole Machenheimer

Don Marshall

Bobi Sanderson

Bill Thibodeau


15 Year Award

(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for 15 years with a minimum of 1,500 hours)

Jack Baumring

Betty Brown

Callie Desormier

Robert Duncan

Bill Galvano

Alex Klashnya

Milton Kruk

Stephanie Kruk

Jim Linke

Betty Linke

Stephanie Louis

Nancy Lyon

Norma Jean McKeever

Ken Miller

Ginny O'Doherty

Forrest Paradise

Mary Pexa

Fran Schlusemann

Rose Marie Stieber

Tom Story

Elisabeth Wiener

Cathy Wilson

10 Year Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for 10 years with a minimum of 1,000 hours)

Betty Austin

Bernita Barker

Ann Burnette

Cyndy Colbath

Jean Dawson

Chuck DeMuth

Tamara Eddy

Irving Fink

Tom Fulks

Dianne Hughes

Ursula Jablonski

Clara Jessie

Sandy Kellam

Carol Kinder

Linda Katt

Terry Katt

Peg Magee

Rick Magee

Diane McKissick

Ron Saper

Linda Smalheiser

Ann Tannen

Rosemary Treonis

Pewter Shark Award
(Award for volunteers who served Mote for five years with a minimum of 500 hours)

Christine Allard

Patricia Amsel

Carol Arscott

Kenneth Babineau

Melanie Babineau

Kim Bassett

Sherman Brown

Donna Buckalter

Mark Buckalter

Melanie Buckalter

Jeanne Bunnell

David Carnes

Mindy D'Orazio

Kris Freeman

Barb Fulton

Maggie Gat

Dolores Giles

Stephanie Goar

Phyllis Harris

John Harrison

Jennifer Helseth

Don Hildewig

Leif Jacobsen

Mary Lou Johnson

Jen Kaiser

David Kaufman

Jerry Knab

Astrid Kouw

Jeff Kratz

Laura Lucas

Michael McCarthy

Katherine McHugh

Evelyn Mitchell

Linda Pine

Dave Powell

Linda Powers

Dennis Riley

Lillian Riley

Patricia Saviano

Sheryl Schrepf

Linda Short

Rod Sills

Cindy Solloway

Rita Sommer

John Tendall

Betty Tesoriero

Bruce Wallis

Michael Walsh

Arthur Zipin


Green Shark Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for three years with a minimum of 300 hours)

Cathy Aldrich

Kai Aquino

Rick Arata

Ronnie Arata

Michelle Barbato

Aaron Barleycorn

Monique Benjamin

Jere Berkey

Mike Bommer

Garry Brady

Patti Brady

Neil Brussard

Jason Chin

Cindi Christenson

Peggy Clark

Shelly Clark

Dug Cooley

Raymond Cosby

Donna Cumbee

Danny Danziger

Susan Davis

Carol Demery

Dave Dennehy

Catherine Deveau

Scott Duff

Jo Dzina

Lisa Eck

Loretta Ehlers

Tonya Eubank

Jack Farris

Judith Fesko

Jill Fisher

Susan Gaillard

Norman Gassman

Virginia Gorgue

Tim Graham

Larry Grossman

Lisa Hartmann

Suzanne Head

Melissa Herron

Mike Herron

Terry Hornblow

Leah Jung

Dale Kling

Debbie Klinger

Margot Kolodziej

Thomas Kolodziej

Beth Laubisch

David Laubisch

Karen Lima

Loretta Lovrey

Garrett Magda

Peter Manley

Anna Marie Martin

Jean Martin

Gardner Mason

Caryl Mason

Daniel Mattingly

Allison Meuser

Diana Mitchell

Kent Mitchell

Lynda Morris

Pauline Moss

Dennis Moss

Sara Myers

Tom Norton

Dan O'Neil

Jan O'Neil

Carol Pettit

Bill Porter

Jon Prettyman

Eileen Raffaelli

Bert Rappole

Melanie Reda

Karen Rivot

Jude Rosenberg

Ken Schneier

Joy Schroder

Paul Shields

Andrea Shlasko

Mike Shlasko

Maureen Shuman

Steve Stockdale

Heather Stribrny

Rachel Sullivan

Linda Tanielian

Betty Tesoriero

Betty Tousignant

Andy Valenti

Megan Vaupel

Chadwick Vollmer

Megan Walder

Gil Weiner

Susan Weisse

Patrick Williams

Suellen Williams

Shanon Winchester


Blue Shark Award
(Award for volunteers who have served Mote for one year with a minimum of 100 hours)

Bob Axsiom

Geoff Barr

Paul Barricklow

Jeanne Bennett

Elsie Bracken

Dennis Buemi

Peggy Butkier

Martha Caesar

Regina Calucci

Stephanie Cardenas

Paul Carreiro

Anthony Chacour

Jerry Chrysler

Carolyn Colin

Andre Cote

Marie Couturier-Cote

MJ Cox

Tony Crincoli

Wayne Curtis

Joan Curto

Joe Davis

Todd Dennison

David Ecoff

Arden Esslinger

William Eubank

Sandy Everly

Florita Field

Julie Fleetwood

Lucille Fontaine

Harvey Greller

Jean Greller

Gail Hall

Deloris Hammock

Sam Harris

John Henningson

Gail Hochanadel

Ted Hoopes

Matthew Israel

Mark Jackson

Jennifer Jones

Richard King

Cathy Klettke

Donna Krusenoski

Linda Ladd

Nancy Lingeman

Lizabeth Longstreet

Iris Lopez

Jennifer Lottmann

Lauren Marmaro

Kyle McGovern

Adilyne McKinlay

Charlie Mericle

Diana Miracle

Kathleen Monahan

Paula Norwood

Mary O'Bannon

Lenny Osterman

Ginny Overdorf

Tom Paczkowski

Cindy Phillips

David Putnam

Dorthea Quinn

Dennis Quinn

Anne Ramsey

Ernie Robinson

Adam Routh

Iris Sheperd

Samantha Spurgeon

Jeanie Stevenson

Ryan Symens

Mike Tanski

Bill Tiffan

Joan Tozzo

Thomas Troxler

Gail Vitale

Cathy Walsh

Carol Weisberg

Wallis Wernicoff

Alan Wertheimer

Susan Wilson