Podcast: Caiman conservation in Argentina

Mote Aquarium Biologist II Veronica Garcia just returned from an adventure in Argentina, where she assisted the program Proyecto Yacaré in their conservation and research efforts with broad-snouted caimans — reptiles related to alligators and crocodiles. Garcia tells hosts Joe and Hayley what it was like to visit Argentina, help incubate caiman eggs and care for the hatched caimans, visit nest sites in the field with a local guide and participate in Proyecto Yacaré’s student research projects. Many thanks to the Florida Association of Zoos & Aquariums for the competitive grant that allowed Garcia spend two weeks with this exciting project!


Probiotics boost survival of ‘baby’ snook in aquaculture

A new peer reviewed study led by Mote Marine Laboratory scientists was the first to highlight the benefit of adding two probiotic strains of Bacillus bacteria during the rearing of common snook, a popular Florida sportfish. Groups of snook larvae (babies) that received the probiotic in their feed and aquatic environment (water) had 2.5 times higher survival rates than those that did not receive it.  

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Podcast: Sharks, sea snakes & lobsters - oh my! Ecological adventures

From sea snakes in Australia to nurse sharks in the Dutch Caribbean, Dr. Rob Nowicki studies fascinating animals around the world, to better understand the ecology of natural communities and sometimes to solve immediate problems, such as how to keep nurse sharks out of lobster traps to benefit both the sharks and lobsters. With a case of self-described "academic ADD," Nowicki has an excitingly diverse and adventurous research career. In this episode, he educates hosts Hayley and Joe on the complex interactions among multiple marine species, which must be understood for effective conservation - especially as big challenges like climate change reshape natural communities.