Cortez inventor prevents barnacles and mussels on underwater vessels with new eco-friendly coating

An inventor from Cortez, Florida, Dr. Steven Beckham, has created an environmentally friendly way to control barnacle, zebra and quagga mussel growth on underwater structures such as boat hulls, running gear, industrial water intakes and crab traps. Barnacle Stop® is an EPA registered product that controls barnacles, zebra mussels and quagga mussels, and is now available at 

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Podcast: Fish and their billions of “friends”

Helpful bacteria live on and inside fish (and us).  Dr. Andrea Tarnecki, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Mote, shares her research geared toward understanding fish-related bacteria and using some helpful bacteria to raise healthier fish in aquaculture, also called fish farming. And of course, Dr. Tarnecki indulges Joe’s interest in fish poop.


Podcast: Beach conditions and health conditions

With a focus on the Florida red tides (harmful algae) that can kill fish and make Gulf of Mexico beachgoers cough, Hayley and Joe learn about Mote’s Environmental Health Program from its manager, Dr. Tracy Fanara.