Mote Mobile Exhibit

Beginning November 1st the Mote Marine Laboratory Mobile Exhibit is being taken offline temporarily for repairs and upgrades. While we hope to have the repairs done quickly, we will not be booking any mobile reservations until the unit is repaired and available for educational outreach programs. 

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve our mobile outreach unit!

Saltwater Touch Tank and Interactive Table Displays

With the Mote Mobile we bring the sea to you. So it’s time to roll up your sleeves and feel ocean animals. Participants will get to touch a variety of sea urchins, crabs, horseshoe crabs, sea stars, and snails and will walk away with an experience they can’t forget.

Capacity: Approximately 80-100 participants per hour.
Cost: Pricing available by clicking on the Request Form link below. Please Note: all events outside of Sarasota/Manatee counties will be charged $1.50/mile for travel expenses in addition to program cost. For questions, please contact Lauren Markham,, 941-388-4441 x 348.

The Mote Mobile is available for Schools, Festivals and Events (profit and nonprofit), and Birthday Parties. After you have submitted your online request, our Education team will review your information. Response to your request will be completed in approximately 7–10 business days. You will be contacted via phone or email. If we can confirm your program, our education team will send you a confirmation letter with more details and an invoice.

Reservations, Payment, and Cancellations:

Due to the unique nature of the Mote Mobile Exhibit, reservations must be made six weeks in advance. Payment is due in full within two weeks of your scheduled program. If payment is not received, Mote Marine Laboratory reserves the right to cancel your program. 

If you need to cancel a program, please notify us as soon as possible. The later you cancel your program the less likely we will be able to schedule another program in its place.

Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations made one month or more prior to the scheduled program will not be billed
  • Cancellations made two weeks or more will be billed at 50 percent of total program cost.
  • Cancellations within less than two weeks will be billed at 100 percent of total program cost.


Because the Mote Mobile is a vehicle containing live animals, there are times that we may need to cancel a program due to vehicle maintenance or animal welfare.  Mote Marine Laboratory reserves the right to cancel any program. If the cancellation was due to an issue with the health of our animals, educators or with the vehicle itself, we will do our best to accommodate you at a future date and time and will provide a complete refund.

If Mote Marine Laboratory deems an event or arena unsafe or inappropriate for our animals and educators we reserve the right to cancel the program at any time and will not provide a refund.

Table Display Options

Table 1: Skeletal Stories Have you ever looked at your favorite animal and wondered what it looked like on the inside? Come over to our bone bench. You will be able to investigate the bones of real animals as Mote Marine Staff and volunteers share the stories of amazing native wildlife. You will also be able to examine skulls of native marine life and compare teeth to discover how and what these animals eat in the wild. You can even view dolphin x-rays.

Table 2: Time for Turtles It's that time of year again; sea turtle time. It's time to conduct your own reptilian research by examining the biology of local sea turtle species through our collection of bio-facts. Learn about the turtle's nesting season and Mote Marine Laboratory's research and how you can help turtles too.

Table 3: Tales of Snails... and other shells This table explores the wonderful and unique world of Floridian and Caribbean shells. Become a shellsational marine biologist as you learn about the beautiful and delicate shells you find on the beach and learn about the fascinating animals that live within the calcium carbonate walls.

Table 4: No bones about it! Did you know that 97 % of animals do not have true bones? Learn about these spineless critters and discover what it means to lack true bones. At this station we discuss crustaceans, corals, echinoderms, and even meet a giant ocean isopod.

Table 5: Specific to the Pacific! Did you know that Mote Marine Laboratory has had scientists on all 7 continents?! Learn about the strange, unique, and MASSIVE animals that our scientists study in the Pacific Ocean. Table includes a plastinated 3 foot Humboldt squid and a 18 inch Giant Clam Shell.

Table 6: Diary of a Shark. Mote Marine Laboratory started by studying sharks and we still research them today. Learn about what the research scientists are doing and touch real shark skin and teeth.

Table 7: You Otter Know. Come learn about our playful watershed friend, the North American River otter. Explore how this local mammal species thrives in his home by using special adaptations, or tools for survival. Don’t forget to master the food chain challenge! Determine the otters’ favorite foods and find their place in the ecosystem.

Table 8. Nothing Greater than an Alligator… and Crocodile. There will be no crocodile tears while learning about these unique and splendid critters! Discuss the differences between these giants the alligator and the crocodile, and learn how they use their giant mouths to chomp at their food. You can’t escape the deep bellows of the alligator’s call as you listen to assorted alligator calls and touch real alligator skin.

For More Info

Lauren Markham
941-388-4441 ext. 348

Mote Mobile Birthday Parties

Guaranteed to delight and bring smiles to your child and your guests, bring your award winning Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium to celebrate your child or family member’s next birthday!

Your special party will include:

  • The Mote Mobile will meet you at your home or special venue for a 2 hour time period.
  • A Mote educator will deliver a 45 min themed animal program, which will include games and activities that focus on actual animal research completed at Mote!
  • Private access to Mote Mobile Touch Tank
  • Animal craft for each party participant

Cost: $600 plus tax. Please note if we travel outside of Sarasota and Manatee counties we will charge a $1.50/mile mileage fee.

*Please note that for birthday parties, table displays are not available. The educator will have one themed table and one craft table set up through the duration of the party.

To make a birthday party request, contact Lauren Markham, 941-388-4441 x 348, or email her at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mote Mobile Exhibit? The Mote Mobile Exhibit is a traveling truck and trailer that features a 1000 gallon saltwater aquarium and a portable 100 gallon touch tank.  The exhibit also includes 4 interactive table displays.

What type of parking or space does the Mote Mobile Exhibit require? The Mote Mobile exhibit is a substantial truck weighing approximately 45,000 lbs. It has a height of 12 feet 6 inches and has a length of 52 feet. (truck and trailer attached.)

Does the Mote Mobile Exhibit require a water supply or electrical hookup? No. We have a generator and carry our own salt water. If intending to place the Mobile indoors and require the generator to be off, you must supply an electrical hookup.

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