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Many awe-inspiring species are declining around the world—from sharks and rays that regulate ocean ecosystems to coral reefs that serve as “underwater rainforests” and iconic manatees that inspire us to respect our waterways. Mote Marine Laboratory scientists are ensuring that these species—which we can’t afford to lose—have science on their side.

Join us in standing up to the greatest challenges facing our oceans.
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  • Help fishers tag rather than catch sharks for research that informs policy.
  • Restore tens of thousands more corals than the 125,000 we’ve planted already, using diverse, resilient genetic varieties to help reefs survive.
  • Better understand threatened manatees to enable conservation and help rescue distressed manatees.
  • Lead conservation on 35 miles of sea turtle nesting beach, helping local nest numbers reach a 40-year high in the past five years.
  • ...and much more.

This is their hour of need. Florida manatees are experiencing record die-offs. The deadly stony coral tissue loss disease has spread into some of the last unaffected areas of Florida’s Coral Reef. And the world’s largest reef shark survey observed NO sharks at nearly 20% of survey sites. These and other challenges compel Mote scientists to learn more and do more for the ocean’s greatest inhabitants.

Meet one of the scientists who help us do it

Dr. Demian Chapman became Director of Mote's Center for Shark Research this year to expand upon our 66-year history of groundbreaking, global shark science.

Previously he led the world's largest reef shark survey - across 400 reefs in 58 countries and territories. At Mote, he's building upon the survey's results and working with many partners in many nations to enable successful conservation.

Learn more about Dr. Chapman's research at mote.org/fin

Help us stand up to the greatest challenges facing our ocean

Make your gift to Mote by October 15 and it will be matched dollar for dollar.*

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